I have always been a huge passion for animals in general and the dogs in particular. Dogs have always been part of my life and my growth also has developed a growing taste for them.
In 2004, it was the first time I had a personal contact with this maravilhos Breed. It was love at first sight, having been completely enveloped in their morphology, calling me to attention its huge head and powerful body. Also quickly fell in love with his character.

In 2006 I acquired my first dog, the wendy.
With this dog developed a increasing taste for the breed and decided to start creating my mastiffs. Since then I began to connect with several national and international breeders, having already owned dogs of the best bloodlines in the world.

Therefore, the objective of the affix "Vale de Fermedo" is based on the best bloodlines to create dogs with excellent morphological quality, character and health.

In 2008 I got my first smooth-haired Large Portuguese Podengo "KIKA" where I fell in love with this ancient breed.
Finally I must thank all my family who always supported me and helped me in this passion.

My sincere thanks to all.

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